"Why I Give" by Anthony Agnitti '80

Dear Archbishop Williams High School Supporters,

Although there are several reasons why donors give to Archbishop Williams High School, we all share the common goal of wanting to provide students with the best education experience available.  As many of you know, Archbishop Williams is financially independent of the Archdiocese and our tuition does not cover the cost of keeping the school open to our students.  In fact, for each student, there is a $2,000 gap between the cost of attending Archbishop Williams and the cost of providing this education.  Therefore, one of the reasons that I give to the Williams Fund is to help fill the gap and to make Archbishop Williams High School an affordable option for families.

In addition, when I was a student at Archbishop Williams High School, I found that a significant amount of learning occurred outside of the classroom.  As a result, I give to help fund our extracurricular and athletic programs.  Past gifts have gone towards different projects ranging from the improvement of our auditorium to the purchase of new equipment for our athletic teams.  Therefore, I not only donate to keep the doors open to our students, but also I give to provide students with the best schooling experience available.

In conclusion, I believe that we have an obligation to the future to develop good strong leaders for the future.  Archbishop Williams High School gives us the ability to do so - strong, articulate, and prepared leaders who go forth to benefit society and who are strengthened and directed by God's word.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Tony Agnitti '80
Board of Trustees Member

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