Summer Courses

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Freshman Orientation Summer Course

We are offering two summer classes here at Archbishop Williams High School for the Class of 2021.  We encourage giving your child a head start for the upcoming academic year.  These classes will also provide your child with an opportunity to meet other incoming freshmen as well as some faculty members.  The classes will be small with approximately 15 students per class.

Summer Conditioning

We are training our students on the equipment.  Student Athletes must attend a familiarization session (Students please sign up with Coach Umbrianna either in his office or via email for a session.

You must also register at Family ID in order to use the facility.   Once you have completed the training you can use the facility at posted times;

Weeks schedule;

6-7:00AM - Faculty

2:30-3:30 - Students who are registered and trained. Monday through Friday.

The Dig is open for all students who have registered on line and have completed the “Familiarization training sessions”