PSB Officers & Event Chairs

The Parents Support Board meets monthly on Wednesdays at 7:15 PM in the High School. Check you email for specific meeting locations.

Contact PSB of AWHS:


Jean Roche, P-15, P-17               


Vice President

Larry McCauley, P-15                 



Donna McLaughlin, P-16                      


Board Members

Gus Blell, P-17                               


Mary Dean, P-15, P-17     


Heather Downs, P-17         


Maureen Hanifan, P-16     


Annie Higgins, P-16, P-18


Bob Leary, ’75, P-16                               


Nancy Leary, P-16                                  


Nancy Murphy, P-15, P-17                  


Amanda Neal, P-17                             


Michelle Pinto, P-17, P-18                     


Events and Chairpersons 

PSB Hours Coordinator

Mary Dean, 781-789-7275,

Description:  Collects volunteer hours from Chairpersons and records all hours completed by each parent/guardian at various AWHS/PSB activities.

Christmas Tree Sales

Mike Parsons,

Description: Volunteers are needed weekday evenings beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving from 5:00 - 8:00 pm and weekends from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.  Christmas trees are scheduled to arrive the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Volunteers can work an entire shift or any part of a shift.  Students can also earn their “Student” volunteer hours by helping at this event including distributing doorhangers.  Parents can earn hours unloading trees, setting up trees, making bows, selling trees, wreaths and garland as well as for clean up.

Dates: Late November through mid-December

Hospitality Committee

Maureen Hanifan, 781-335-9365,

Nancy Leary, 781-789-8020,

Description: The Hospitality Committee provides and serves refreshments for events and activities, such as: Back to School, freshman orientation, open houses, coaches nights, parent/teacher conferences, etc.  Service may include set-up and cleanup and is generally 2-3 hours per occasion.

Dates: Varies

Parent Social Committee

Heather Downs, 781-640-7383,

Description: Volunteers are needed to attend planning meetings, sell event and raffle tickets, assist with planning the event, work the event, solicit auction items, set up and clean up the event.  

Date: Event to be held Spring 2015, planning to take place throughout the year with many opportunities to accrue hours.

Publicity Committee

Michelle Pinto, 508-314-8898,

Description: The Publicity Committee exists to help assist the Communications department keep Archbishop Williams visible in our communities.  Parents are encouraged to contact the Chairperson to report the many good things AWHS students do throughout the school year.  The Chairperson shall then forward information to Colleen Casey and request that these activities be published on the school’s website and/or through the various local news media.

 Dates:  Varies

School Store

Nancy Murphy, 781-816-6135, 

Description: Volunteers are needed to staff the school store during lunch times (10:30 am -12:45 pm) on Fridays when school is in session.  Periodically, the School Store is open during nighttime school events.  These hours also require volunteers.  Store volunteers receive a 20% discount on store merchandise as well as parent hours for hours worked.

Dates: Varies