Wallace, Manning & Menzel join AWHS 800 Club

Archbishop Williams recently added Ryan Wallace of Holbrook, Nick Menzel of Raynham and Kristen Manning of Randolph into its “800 Club.” The three seniors earned this prestigious honor by scoring an 800 on any section of the Scholastic Aptitude Tests.  Wallace and Manning both earned 800’s in the critical reading section, and Menzel earned the perfect score in the mathematics section.

Each year, nearly 3 million juniors and seniors from high schools around the world take the SATs. According to the College Board, less than one percent (0.67%) of students who took the exam in 2013 earned the maximum score of 800 in the critical reading portion and 0.8% of test takers recorded a perfect score in math.

Menzel said Archbishop Williams’ rigorous math and science curriculum helped him earn a perfect score.

“Honors students have to take two math classes as a freshman, both geometry and algebra. With those completed the first year, you’re able to go deep into algebra II your sophomore year and then take an accelerated version of pre-calculus as a junior,” said Menzel. 

 “By senior year you’re well prepared for AP calculus. Everyone receives such a strong foundation. I give a lot of credit to our math teachers here.”

Math isn’t Menzel’s only strong point. When he’s not scoring goals on the ice for the boy’s hockey team or on the field for the lacrosse squad, he’s focused on science. 

“I want to go into medicine and possibly become an orthopedic surgeon. Growing up as an athlete I’ve had my fair share of injuries, a broken femur, arm and wrist,” said Menzel. 

“Every time I would see my orthopedic, Dr. Kramer, I would ask him more questions and became really interested in the subject. Now I try and fill up my course load with extra science courses.”

Like Menzel, Manning wants to pursue a career in the medical field. She’s worn glasses since she was 3-years-old, and hopes to become a pediatric opthamologist. One of her favorite classes at Archbishop Williams was AP biology.

“AP bio was one of the hardest classes I’ve taken but it was also one of my favorites. It gave me much more of an appreciation for biology and a strong base for the career path I’d like to follow,” said Manning.

In addition to the course load of the Honors Program, Manning is also a member of the National Honor Society, the Math Team, spring play and captains the swim team. She said the competitive nature of the students in the Honors Program helped her score an 800 on the SATs.

“The classes here are demanding and because of the company of the people you are with, you’re pushed to do your best,” said Manning.

Wallace, who will be attending Harvard next year, said “From freshman year English to my AP English class now, Archies really did a great job preparing me for the SATs.”

The Holbrook native also notched a perfect 800 on the SAT Biology test. The reason he said, is because of science department chair Ray Whitehouse.

“I had Mr. Whitehouse for both honors freshman biology and then again my junior year for AP bio. In both courses he was really instrumental in motivating me to learn, work hard and study. He gave me the drive to push myself academically.”

Archbishop Williams principal Carmen Mariano Ed.D. said he could not be more proud of Menzel, Manning and Wallace.

“At AWHS we celebrate excellence in all of its forms. The form of excellence we celebrate first, best, and most is academic excellence. What Kristen, Ryan, and Nick have done goes beyond academic excellence. It approaches academic perfection,” said Mariano.

 “They are all more than outstanding students. They are stars who shine in the sky.”