The iPad initiative rolls out at AWHS!

BRAINTREE, MA, ISSUED August 9, 2012…The One to One iPad Initiative at Archbishop Williams High School is underway! The rollout process at this leading Braintree-based college preparatory high school began on July 30 and will continue through next week. “We have distributed over 300 leased machines so far, and have another 130 to go. Another 100 of our students already own their iPads,” confirmed Dr. Carmen Mariano, Principal at Williams, “By this time next week; every student in our school will be equipped to help us launch this exciting new program.”

“Our students already live in a digital world,” remarked Mariano. “They communicate electronically. They learn electronically. This new program will allow them to do more of both!

Their backpacks will be lighter and their futures will be brighter!”

In addition to receiving their iPads, cases, insurance, and applications, all AWHS students and their parents are attending a 30 minute workshop on digital citizenship as part of the rollout.

“This workshop confirms how much we trust our students and what we expect of them as they  use this valuable resource,” explained Dr. Mariano.

This program represents one of the most aggressive in the state. Archbishop Williams students will use the iPads for downloading textbooks, taking class notes, analyzing data in science labs, and all forms of electronic research. Students will have the flexibility to work electronically day and night whether they are in school or at home. iPads may also be used to take on-line courses for both high school and college credits.

“We are excited to bring the world of education and technology together,” said Dr. Mariano. “Our students and teachers deserve to live in both!”