Technology Use and Your Teenager

Child development and parenting guru Joani Geltman visited AWHS in early November and gave parents some helpful insights on teenagers and technology use. 

Geltman, who is on the Faculty of both Lesley University and Curry College, utilized an infotainment style to provide parents information and plan how best to build rules that will offer internet safety for their teens. 

“If you were unable to attend Joanie Geltman’s presentation, you really missed a treat,” said Dr. Carmen Mariano, school principal. “She helped us laugh and she helped us think. She also helped us plan.”

Geltman’s rules are as followed:

1. Monitor students' devices for appropriate software, Apps and websites.

2. Take devices away for a certain amount of time everyday, especially at night.

3. Approach students with questions about the Apps they have. 

4. Do not be argumentative. Be informative to bridge the student's perspective to yours.

5. Tell the student there will be no argument or the phone will be taken away for a period of time.

6. Repeatedly teach the student to consider the following when texting or posting:

     Can this post be misinterpreted?

     Does this post intentionally hurt someone's feelings?

     Does this post give out too much information?

     Can any photos or video's posted of me come back and shoot me in the foot?

Geltman’s final piece of advice was, that iPhones make a great high school graduation gift, but they are not needed before then.

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