Seniors showcase sonnet creativity

English Department Chair Marie Fraher strives to make learning fun in her AP Literature class. Her recent lesson on Shakespearean sonnets not only taught students about iambic pentameter and rhyming couplets, but also encouraged them channel their creative sides.

“Shakespearean sonnets are about love. Sometimes with teenagers you don’t want to pressure them into writing about their beloved,” said Fraher.

Instead of having her students write about their beloved, Fraher encouraged them to write about anything they love, including family, pets or even pizza. Some students wrote about their significant other and their dogs. Some wrote about their parents. But what Mike Putnam ’14 and Victoria McIntyre’14 wrote about caught attention from two local businesses.

“I decided to write about Chipotle because I love it and thought it would be creative,” said Putnam, a Weymouth native. “When I finished, I emailed my sonnet to Chipotle and explained our assignment. I was really curious to see what they would do.”

Click here to read Putnam’s sonnet.

What happened next was unexpected. Putnam received an email with a sonnet attached, signed by Shannon, a Lead Customer Service Consultant from Chipotle.

McIntyre saw the response Putnam received and decided to send her sonnet about Dunkin Donuts iced coffee to her local “Dunkies.” 

“We were able to choose our own topic and since I love iced coffee I thought it would be fun to write about it,” said McIntyre. 

Although McIntyre did not receive a sonnet response, she did receive a letter thanking her for letting the company know how much she loved their product along with a $3.00 gift card. Just enough for a large iced coffee!

To read McIntyre’s sonnet, click here.