Students in Law & Justice Class Give “Thumbs Up” to Boston Police

BRAINTREE, November 18––Archbishop Williams High School recently hosted two members of the Boston Police Department for a presentation on police work and a hands-on learning opportunity. Sergeant Thomas Foley of the Boston Police Homicide Unit and Officer Micha el Connolly of the Boston Police Crime Scene Response Unit spoke to 60 juniors and seniors from Mr. David Lane’s Law & Justice class about their jobs and how to use crime scene response tools.

“My goal was to get the students to understand the details of being a detective and a member of the CSI unit,” said Mr. Lane. “I also wanted the students to realize the difference between reality and TV police shows, such as CSI Miami.”

Foley spoke about the reality of having 10–20 open active cases at any given time, and revealed that detectives spend sixty percent of their work filling out reports and writing search warrants. Connolly demonstrated how to dust for fingerprints and how to make fingerprint molds. Students also handled footprint molds, markers and other equipment used on crime scenes.

“Our guest speakers did a great job explaining what really goes on behind the scenes as well as the ‘ins and outs’ of their respective departments,” said AWHS senior Thomas McGrath. “I found the hands-on practicum in which we were able to work with the evidence and perform fingerprint detection to be most enjoyable and impressive.”

Mr. Lane’s Law & Justice Class focuses on an in-depth research, analysis and detailed study of the United States legal system, with emphasis on the American court system, criminal law, and juvenile justice.