AWHS students to perform at Fenway for World Series Game 6


Five Archbishop Williams High School students are hoping to bring the "Luck of the Irish” to the Red Sox tonight in Game 6 of the World Series. Amelia McCaffrey ’14, Grace McCaffrey ’17, Caroline Donnelly ’16, Aine Varden ’15 and recent graduate Kayla Free ’13 will Irish stepdance alongside the local group Dropkick Murphy’s as they perform the National Anthem and smash hit “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” for the pre-game festivities.

The students attend the Forbes School of Irish Dance in Quincy, a school founded by Archbishop William's alumna “The Forbes Sisters, ” Joan ’81, Terry ’83, Mary ’79 and Ann ’78.

The Forbes Dancers are the official dancers of the Dropkick Murphy’s, and tonight will be the second time they perform at Fenway this postseason. The dancers accompanied the Dropkick Murphy’s before Game 6 of the ALCS, a 5-2 victory that earned the Red Sox a spot in the World Series.

“It’s always really exciting dancing with them,” said Amelia McCaffrey, who has been dancing for Forbes for 12 years. “It’s the best feeling ever. Every time seems like the first time.”

As for performing at Fenway, McCaffrey said nothing compares.

“I remember a specific part when they were singing ‘Shipping Up to Boston’ I got the chills when I was dancing. The crowd was incredibly loud at Fenway.

McCaffrey added, “I hope we’ll bring them the same luck we did when they beat Detroit.”