Multiple Schools Involved with iPad Training at Archbishop Williams


BRAINTREE –– On Friday, March 15, Archbishop Williams High School (AWHS), a leader in incorporating technology in teaching, hosted of a full day of presentations and workshops on the use of technology for 150 teachers and staff from AWHS, Cardinal Spellman and Sacred Heart (Kingston). It was the capstone event of a full year (six sessions) of professional development offered to teachers to help them champion their "one-to-one" iPad Initiative.

"The continued integration of new technology into our learning environment has been a tremendous leap forward for our school," said John McMahon, AWHS Director of Technology. "It complements the hard work and passion that our teachers and students put forward everyday by empowering them with the tools to succeed."

The day began with keynote speaker Brian Mull, Director of Innovation, and Education Technology Consultant at November Learning.

"The device [iPad] itself has little do with learning. It's the shift in thinking," said Mull. "It's about learning how to process large amounts of information and how to connect with other people."

Faculty and staff of the three schools participated in various breakout sessions whose topics included; "Google App/Drive;" "iBooks Author and iTunesU;" "Creating on the iPad;" "Making the Most of Apple TV;" and "Twitter".

"It's been an adventure! The iPad has been a great tool," said Cardinal Spellman history teacher Jimmy Daley who's been teaching for 38 years. "At this event, we're learning how to present learning to our students. The more we learn the more we change. It's good to stay on our toes."

The event is the culmination of training provided by a $45,000 grant from the Catholic Schools Foundation.

"You can't teach baseball without a bat," analogized Marie Bruninghaus, Sacred Heart's assistant athletic director, physical education and health teacher. "As a gym teacher, I'm very familiar with the importance of tactile learning and now it's been fantastic to see it applied in the classroom with the iPad initiative."