Local Middle School Students Participate In Science Fair

Area Six Science Fair winners announced

BRAINTREE, MA, ISSUED…JUNE 15, 2012… On Thursday, May 10, 2012, Archbishop Williams High School hosted its third Area Six Regional Science Fair in the school’s gymnasium.

Nine area schools participated in the fair, with 88 students presenting their science projects. Participating schools were: Holy Family School, Rockland; Sacred Heart School, Weymouth; St. Agatha School, Milton; St. Francis of Assisi, Braintree; St. Francis of Xavier, Weymouth; St. Jerome School, Weymouth; St. Mary of the Hills, Milton; St. Paul School, Hingham; Quincy Catholic Academy, Quincy.

“Archbishop Williams High School is delighted to host the Area Six Regional Science Fair and welcome its 88 contestants, their teachers and families,” said AWHS Principal, Mary Lou Sadowski. “Our Area Six contestants have demonstrated well their high interest and proficiency in science, and we congratulate them.” 

Winners of the Area Six Regional Science Fair are as follows:

Grade Six:

1st Place – Steven Ngo, “Permineralizing: Hardening”, Quincy Catholic Academy, Quincy

2nd Place – James Rogers, “Placebo Effect”, Sacred Heart School, Weymouth

3rd Place – Thomas McMorrow, “Bacteria”, St. Francis of Assisi, Braintree

4th Place – Kerry Carney, “Wind Tunnels”, Holy Family School, Rockland

Grade Seven:

1st Place – Ian McGregor, “Power to the People”, St. Mary of the Hills, Milton

2nd Place – Julia Morell, “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies”, St. Paul School, Hingham

3rd Place – Edward Mooradian, “So Much Stress: Bridges and their Stability”, St. Jerome School, Weymouth

Grade Eight:

1st Place – Erin Hurley, “McMold”, St. Paul School, Hingham

2nd Place – Elizabeth DiVito, “Rainwater Filtration Systems”, St. Jerome School, Weymouth

3rd Place – Brianna Raphino, “Temperature and Battery Life”, Quincy Catholic Academy, Quincy

Group Projects:

1st Place – Nyla Brewster and Grace O’Shea, “Acids and Bases”, St. Agatha School, Milton

2nd Place – Kim Nguyen, Joey Odegaard and Lisa Tran, “X Factor”, St. Agatha School, Milton

3rd Place – Andrew Bucca and Kyle McCarthy, “Solar vs. Electric Power: Alternative Energy Sources”, St. Jerome School, Weymouth