Fr. Shawn Carey leads Archbishop Williams community in Deaf Mass

Archbishop Williams High School was privileged today to celebrate Mass with Fr. Shawn Carey from The Office of the Deaf Apostolate for the Archdiocese of Boston.  Witnessing the celebration of liturgy through sign language proved to be a very powerful experience for all in attendance.  Students were attentive and reverend throughout the entire service, relating to Fr. Carey’s poignant and enthusiastic Lenten message.  Said Director of Campus Ministry David Gilpin, “Father Shawn's homily was heartfelt, straightforward and inspiring! He captured and held the attention of over 500 students with ease and that is no simple task.” Gilpin added, “Father Shawn delivered a strong message teaching his audience how they can be accepting of others no matter what their strengths, weaknesses or limitations.” 

Fr. Shawn and The Boston Deaf Apostolate seek to provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing Catholics with a greater access to their faith and to the sacraments, and to ensure that their needs are met at parish and Archdiocesan events.  In addition to meeting this critical need, events like  today’s Mass provide a powerfully effective method of  educating students about the issues surrounding deafness in our community.

AWHS Principal Dr. Michael Volonnino was moved not only by Fr. Shawn’s message but also by the student body’s sincere reaction to the unique experience, “Our students were full of respect and grace. Celebrating Mass in this manner truly shows why our School is a place where differences are respected and accepted. It was a truly moving experience and one I felt a privilege to be a part of as a Catholic and a member of this faith community.”

As if the morning’s experience wasn’t special enough, anticipation of the Lady Bishops State Semifinal basketball game at the TD Garden Tuesday afternoon, Fr. Shawn concluded Mass by leading the students in a signing of, “Go Bishops!” What a true blessing it was.

The Archbishop Williams Campus Ministry Program is guided by the values of worship, service, and reflection. With these values, Archbishop Williams High School seeks to nurture growth in faith and build community. The program focuses on the communal life and prayer life of the Archbishops Williams family. As a Catholic School, faith is integrated in everything. However, at times this faith is expressed more directly through Masses and other forms of worship.  The Archbishop Williams family gathers once a month to Celebrate Mass.

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