Student Council Supports "This Star Won't Go Out Foundation"

Student Council Philanthropy Shines Through

Members of the Archbishop Williams Student Council for Grades 7-12 sponsored a class competition fundraiser for the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation.  As part of the summer reading requirement, the entire Archbishop Williams community, including students, faculty and staff, read the book entitled “This Star Won’t Go Out” about a young girl from Quincy named Esther who died from thyroid cancer.  Esther’s parents, John and Lori Earle visited the Archbishop Williams campus and spoke to Grades 7-12 about Esther’s life and legacy.  During the presentation, the students were encouraged to live life to the fullest and to love those around them.   

The This Star Won’t Go Out Foundation, based in Quincy, aims to financially support families who have children battling cancer.  As part of the School’s on-going commitment to service, the Archbishop Williams Student Council sponsored an effort to raise funds in support of the Earl’s mission.  Students who made a donation received a star to put on their locker to acknowledge their donation to the Foundation and to honor Esther Earl, whose name means 'star.'  Students who donated more than $5 also received a “TSWGO” awareness bracelet.  In one week, the students raised $1,149.50 for the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation. Mrs. Lori Earl, Foundation Director, attended a Student Council meeting to receive the donation on behalf of our Student Council Representatives.

(Pictured from left to right: Mrs. Lori Earl (Director of This Star Won't Go Out Foundation), Olivia McDonnell, Callie Walsh, Mattheau Gaudet, and John Barry (Archbishop Williams High School Freshman Student Council Representatives).

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