From Left to right: Danielle Begley '15 of Weymouth as "Scar",  Stephanie Stinfort '13 of Quincy as "The Wicked Witch", and Lauren Carter, '15 of Quincy as "Old Hag."

From Left to right: Danielle Begley '15 of Weymouth as "Scar",  Stephanie Stinfort '13 of Quincy as "The Wicked Witch", and Lauren Carter, '15 of Quincy as "Old Hag."

BRAINTREE (May 6, 2013)–The Archbishop Williams High School Theatre Ensemble recently hit the stage with an original musical production entitled "This is the Story," written and directed by Theater Director Ms. Susan Picillo. More than 40 students participated in the production, a story about familiar fairy tale characters who must put aside historic differences and band together to protect the forest where they and their stories live. The play featured both heroes and villains including as Snow White, Scar, The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Cruella (D'Ville) and many more.

The students dedicated the production in loving memory of Mr. Joe Ondus, long-time theology teacher and Director of the AWHS Campus Ministry program, who had only recently passed away stunning the tight-knit school community.

 "To have so many students involved in this production is a wonderful testament to our theater program and tribute to Mr. Ondus," commented Ms. Picillo. She continued, "I like to think of the theatre as a place of creating new stories. Why not make a strong statement about his impact on our lives?"

The actors and actresses, also known as "Dramabees" practiced an average of 12 hours a week for six weeks in order to raise the curtain. "I've participated in eight shows within the past four years," said senior Periklis Sarakimitis. "I've loved it and made so many friends."

The set and backgrounds were constructed under the leadership of AWHS history teacher Mr. Gus Lawler, with the help of some of the actors' parents. The tech crew managed the lights, sound, curtain, and microphone. "It was a great experience to see the play from backstage as I am usually on it," said junior Olivia Mahidashti.

The play was enthusiastically received with great applause as audience members enjoyed the twists on classic characters and appreciated the effort put in by the cast, crew and advisors.

"Magic is real and it is in this cast," said freshman actress Hannah Gaffey.

"This is the Story" cast:

Abington: Tori McIntryre '14

Braintree: Cameron Bergman '15, Sam Dore '15, Sarah Kelly '15, Nick Neville '14, Brianna Roy '16, 

Canton: Stephanie Hunter '14 and Jenna Troderman '15

Dedham: Antonella Fagone '16 and Morgan Hadayia '15

Dorchester: Hannah Gaffey '16

Duxbury: Evan Giosa '13

East Bridgewater: Jon Hamilton '16

Holbrook: Erin Murphy '15, Claudelle Osias '14, David West '13

Hull: Maria Marchione '14

Hyde Park: Mayilee Mercades '14

Kingston: Sarah O'brien '13

Rockland: Jenna Naughton '16

Randolph: Hazley Jean-Baptiste '13, Carla Lormeus '14, Kristen Manning '14, Erika Pradieu '14 and Perry Sarakiniotis '13

Quincy: Lauren Carter '15, Sarah Golden '16, Emma McDonnell '14, Abbey O'Connell '13, Stephanie Stinfort '13

Weymouth: Maggie Archdeacon '15, Danielle Begley '15, Erin Crowley '14, Laurel Gozzo '15, Rachel Igo '14, Catalina Kirk '13, Mark Leary '16, Liv Osgood '14, Kalthleen Pumphrey '16, Julia Pumphrey '14, Emily Tully '14

Echo Yang '14