Archbishop Williams High School Launches Ebook Collection

BRAINTREE –Archbishop Williams High School is pleased to announce the addition of Follett Shelf to the school’s library collection. Follett Shelf is an online ebook database and iPad application that allows students to access the AWHS ebook library collection from home, school or any other location with Internet access, and download books directly to their iPads.

“We’ve added 80 titles that include new fiction, classic fiction and required reading titles that support our curriculum. Even books like SAT prep are available on Follett Shelf,” said AWHS librarian Joanna Sands. “The iPads were a great ­launching point earlier this year and now we’re progressing further in technology. I’m very excited that our school can offer students a new way to access our library collection.”

Once students download books to their iPads they no longer require an Internet connection to read them.

“The new ebooks make reading so easy and convenient,” said senior Stephanie Stinfort. “The best part is once your due date has arrived the book is automatically returned so no more worrying about returning my books on time!”

The Follett Shelf app also allows students to highlight, add notes, search and bookmark while reading. Other features include a dictionary and a “read-out-loud” function (for some books).

“These new ebooks are another step into the virtual world,” said senior Cailin Flaherty. “Eighty books are just the start of something new and exciting.”

“This is another tool in our library system that adds to the many services that we provide to assist students in their studies,” said Mrs. Sands.

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