It’s a wonderful opportunity; it’s an unique opportunity. It is our annual Spanish Student Exchange program that arrives each spring. Moderated by Spanish teacher Mrs. Joanne  Adams, come April our Bishops are packing bags to spend a week with a Spanish family and experiencing the beauty and culture of Spain close up. Students are paired with students that attend the Colegio San Jose’ de Cluny in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcon. Mrs. Adams is delighted that her students “experience the culture in depth by living with a host family. They converse in Spanish, taste regional cuisine and experience what it is like to live in Madrid. Madrid is a very vibrant European city with lots of beautiful sights to see and activities to enjoy. Also host families sponsor trips to Toledo, Segovia and the Mediterranean city of Valencia.” Our students then play host for  students from Colegio San Jose’ de Cluny. Local attractions are toured. A NYC day tour is planned and San Jose’ students spend a day at AWHS sitting in on classes to experience an American classroom – always a highlight of their trip. An added perk of the exchange is the friendships made that last beyond the the trip’s itinerary and the global appreciation that our students have for a lifetime.