Yes! “Space Tomatoes” is how teacher Jack Buckley and librarian Joanna Sands refer to their special collaboration with the Cushing Centers School this spring. The Cushing Center services Special Needs students and has long been a good neighbor to Archbishop Williams High School. Over the years, in lots of different initiatives, our Bishops and Cushing students have joined hands and hearts enriching each others lives. This year, a new and exciting exchange has been literally planted! Joining the “first the Seed Foundation”, students and moderators are involved in a hands-on science project. Mrs. Sands explains the project “enables students to come together and work cooperatively. Students are given packs of seeds that are labeled L or M. One packet is the “control” which has earth bound seeds; the other packet has seeds that have spent four weeks on the International Space Station. The students from the Cushing Center will nurture the seeds in the Centers Green House and collect the growth data. AWHS students will return to visit and replant the seedlings in the raised beds at the Cushing Center.” Seventy two pots of seeds have been planted by the 9th grade Skills classes and CC students. Later this spring, “space tomatoes” will be made into tomato sauces and salsa and tomatoes will be sold at Cushing Farmers Market. Mr. Buckley sums up perfectly the excitement that comes with this project: “Space Tomatoes has launched and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of the students.”