Ms. Jessica Consilvio, our AWHS Adjustment Counselor, is grateful and appreciative that she can now add to her resume of certifications Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Jess has been working toward this certification as part of her Masters work. With her attendance and participation in two day training, she is now waiting for her paperwork to be stamped by the International Association of Trauma Professionals. Her practice at Williams often asks her to spend time with students who are experiencing trauma on some level. Jess shares that “trauma is defined as any event or experience that is deeply distressing or disturbing to a person. These events can cause increased symptoms of anxiety and depression.” For Ms. Consilvio working with a high school population, she most often faces students who are experiencing “first time stressors.” Jessica explains that “trauma focused interventions are remarkably effective with children due to the fact that it hones in on roots of anxiety and depression symptoms, allowing a students to process a situation and be better able to move forward. The day after I returned from the conference I was able to begin using some of the interventions I learned and was extremely pleased to be able to witness how quickly a student could regulate from being too anxious to be in class to be able to return to class.”

As an Adjustment Counselor, Ms. Consilvio acknowledges that she wears “many hats”. “I introduced the first ever mental health counseling program to the school. It was not easy but has well been worth the effort and certainly the students are what I get up and work so hard for every day. As the adjustment counselor, it is my job to address the mental health and social-emotional needs of the school community and that means students, their parents and in some cases, colleagues. Thus many hats.” Now Jess can add the all important hat of Trauma Professional, an asset for her and the AW community.