There’s nothing like a mariachi band to get the party started! And our annual spring celebration of Latin America is a party of sorts … a celebration that the Language department proudly sponsors. It began as a simple question. How can we promote Spanish culture beyond the classroom? The strategy was decided. Spanish classes would work on in-class projects that presented Spanish art, literature and culture. Those projects would then be shared school – wide in the cafeteria so that all students would have the opportunity to learn a little more about their global neighbors.

Every good idea needs an introduction that captures an audience’s attention. The solution to that was easy. Students love to decorate. So students headed to the caf with piñatas and streamers.

Next, a lunch of tacos and churros awaited the Bishops through the three lunch blocks. An invited mariachi band provided lunchtime entertainment. The results were obvious. The cafeteria was all abuzz. Students wore lunchtime smiles as they wandered around the lunchroom, munching on churros and admiring a student presentation on Spanish art or reading about a Spanish tradition. Spanish teachers were encantado!

The Latin America Day celebration is no longer new to the school community. It is now a highly anticipated tradition. It is academic, it is colorful, it is fun and yes, it is even yummy!