SPIRIT WEEK … the tradition continues

It is a unique week at 80 Independence Avenue. It made its first appearance in 1996. And it is still today a highly anticipated week for students, faculty and staff. SPIRIT WEEK! It is a week that brings classes and the high school community together in a very special way.

The history of Spirit Week is one of imagination and hard work. March always looms as that month on the school calendar that is long and vacant of time-off. Students of twenty years ago requested some kind of “break” from mundane March. The Bishops wanted a March Madness of their own, thus Spirit Week was born. Each year, a week in March is designated as Spirit Week. Then the fun begins. Students begin by decorating the hallways, with each class given a theme. Students sign up for relays, volleyball, basketball, and dodge ball competitions. Final teams are determined through play-offs and then followed by playoffs among the classes. With each competition, Spirit Points are won. The grand finale of Spirit Week is the school-wide Talent Show which every year produce performances that never fade in memory.


Over the years, the Week has had ebbs and flows. The challenge of an Academic Bowl has given way to Trivia contests. Dance Team competitions were replaced with a Mr. Tarpey favorite – Tug of War. Meanwhile, as usual, the Archie’s community realizes that with all the fun of the Week, it also gives the school an opportunity to collectively think of service. Still popular, as in its first year, a highlight of the week is Penny Wars. Often times, this competition decides who will win the Spirit Cup. The pennies, silver and coins collected are donated to a cause chosen by students. The last minutes of Spirit Week are dedicated to the presentation of the Spirit Cup. When the class winner is announced, the auditorium erupts with the shouts and applause for the Bishops that get to claim the Cup as theirs.


Hours of work are generated each year for Student Council members and their moderators to make sure the week’s activities are devoid of glitches. So far, Spirit Week has been a 23 year success story – a week that never goes out of style.