Senior Annika Gregg has membership in a very select group of students nation-wide. She scored a 35 on the ACT (American College Testing) exam. A perfect score is a 36 on the exam that has a score range of 1-36. The ACT is the competitor exam to the SAT. It is composed of four sections: English, Reading, Math and Science. Colleges look at the ACT and the SAT as equal testing tools. Close to 2,000, 000 students took the ACT in the past year to submit to their college choices and the average scored achieved was a 21.

Annika is a busy student athlete. You can find her running track, cross country and flying down the field with a lacrosse stick in her hands. With a dream to pursue a pre- medicine track post majoring in biology, Annika has demonstrated she has the resolve and work ethic to make that dream come true. This outstanding student credits AWHS with “helping me work to my highest potential as I have had the opportunity to take many challenges courses that definitely helped me to perform well on the ACT.” Annika’s favorite course has been AP Biology which is just one of the courses that has satisfied her love of the sciences. Like many seniors, Annika hasn’t yet made the choice of where she will find herself matriculating for her freshman college year. However, when that choice is made some college or university is going to be blessed to see Annika in their classrooms or perhaps running around the quad.