When one thinks of the season of Lent, thoughts of “giving up” or sacrifice of some kind almost immediately comes to mind. But times have changed. And the Church of today has for some years now redirected our thinking. Perhaps Lent should be more of “giving” rather than “giving up.” With that in mind, our Campus Ministry program initiated the 40 DAY CHALLENGE. Over the 40 days of Lent, our Morning Prayer and salute to the flag ritual has had an addition. Each school day, a Giving challenge is announced. Perhaps today is the day to “make someone laugh” or “go the whole day without being sarcastic” or “empty the dishwasher”. All challenges read simply, but the truth is that often times these simple things, these simple moments of casting light in the world are overlooked. The community at 80 Independence Avenue is reminded that in every day these are numerous opportunities to brighten someone’s life, do service or express gratitude. If Lent is considered the Christian season of preparation before Easter, this preparation through kind acts is worthy of our attention.

Take a look at the 40 Day Challenge calendar. Can this be your calendar, too? Not just during the season of Lent but year round.