Dr.V returns to China! BLOG 1: March 11, 2019

After landing in Shanghai, I've gone to Chongqing an enormous city rich in Chinese history both ancient and recent -- it was the WWII capital of China because of its geography and ability to resist Japanese invasion. I've sent a blog post to recap that trip (and yes there were some interesting culinary items).

We are now in Chengdu and we spent today at the Panda Research Center. In honor of today's Talent Show for the conclusion of Spirit Week, I put together a compilation video of my visit with the pandas that I thought the community might enjoy. We have more interviews tonight and tomorrow night in Chengdu before going to Beijing and Shanghai where there will be considerably more students to meet.

Good luck to the Girls at the Garden -- and I'm wishing nothing but the best for everyone involved in Shrek.

Have a great week,