More than a million students take the SAT each year. A perfect score is 1600 and the average score is in the 1200 range, according to the Princeton Review. What many students find to be the biggest challenge of this testing is the Math component. So, when two of our AWHS seniors score an 800 it certainly is something to celebrate. The performances of Mingjie Liu (aka Tim) and Jiaqi Wei are stellar and remarkable achievements. Less than 1% of the test takers score an 800 in Math, with the average Math score being in the mid 500’s range.


Both Tim and Jackie are students in our International Students program. Tim enrolled as a freshman and Jiaqi as a sophomore. Over the past few years, both have demonstrated a determination to work to their best potentials in our Williams’ classrooms. Active in extra-curricular, Tim and Jiaqi found the balance between academics and activities. They became Bishops and credit their AW education in enabling them to achieve the extraordinary math score. Jiaqi took the SAT three times and also took an SAT prep class. Admitting that “math is not very hard for me”, Jiaqi explains that the biggest challenge for her was to “take time and be very careful” as she worked through the math problems. She was grateful that what she saw on the test reflected “what we learned in class.” Tim had a similar SAT experience with taking the exam a few times and practicing through self study and a prep course. Tim credits AW with much of his success. “I improved my English skills here. I felt very comfortable when taking the test and I think I may have achieved the perfect math score because I took the test at AWHS. I didn’t feel nervous at all and that feeling makes a lot of difference when taking the SAT.”


Guidance Counselor Perry Larkin is thrilled to see these students achieve their goals. “Jiaqi is a great kid. In her first attempts, she scored in the mid 700’s, so it was only a matter of time before the 800 was accomplished. And Perry’s colleague, Ron Homer echoes that sentiment as well. “Not really a surprise for Tim doing so well. He’s a terrific kid who has consistently worked hard and achieved.” Tim shares that his perfect score is a “reward” for the time and discipline he demonstrated in getting prepared for the SAT test. We in the AWHS community are rewarded as well. When our students achieve, we feel that satisfaction as well.