Costa Rica Blog: Day 4

We had a very busy and productive day in Neuvo Arenal!

After breakfast at 7:30 we divided into two groups and went to two different schools for morning service. One group went to the El Aguacate School and the other to Mata de Cana School both elementary schools grades 1-6. While at these schools our students read to their students Bible stories, did lots of coloring and drawing, played soccer, hula hoop, and catch.

While at the El Aguacate School there were more physical projects to be completed but when we got there Sister Elisha, the director, said all she wanted was for our students to talk to the kids and help them learn their English. This school has 35 students grades 1-6 , in one room with one teacher, so she wanted her students to have as much individual attention as possible. We accomplished just that as many of our students walked out with homemade thank you cards.

The other school, Mata de Cana, is another grade 1-6 school for 45 students. The group did much of the same work talking to the students and helping with English. The distinct difference being that their group had a bit of a dance contest and magic show with the talents of Mr Martin. (Whose birthday is today!)

After lunch we all met at the Mata de Cana school for more physical projects: painting the outside school walls, painting benches, painting a hop scotch, and we were asked to paint another mural at this school. It was a very busy and very hot afternoon but we with teamwork and perseverance we finished the first coats of paint on these all things and wrapped up about 4pm.

Everyone in the group is definitely feeling tired as we work to complete these projects, but also feel a sense of pride in the great work they are doing.

Mr Gilpin