Costa Rica Blog: Day 3

This morning we said our goodbyes to the children at the Santa Teresa school. As we pulled up in our bus, their students came running out to greet us and give US gifts of heart shaped balloons and erasers as a sign of appreciation of our work. In only a few short days, our presence and work had a huge impact on this school and was evident by the tears of their students (and ours) during their goodbyes. Even their teacher was had tears of joy and thanks as she was saying thank you to myself and the other chaperones.

On our way to our new community we were able to see more of Costa Rica. Passing through many small villages, we saw the local people at work: in the fields picking pineapples, cutting down sugar cane, and caring for plantain trees.

We were also able to stop in the town of La Fortuna for the afternoon where we were able to see more of Costa Rica.... from up in the trees! Our first stop was a zip lining course at the base of a volcano in the town. A total of 13 lines all the down gave us spectacular views of the country, the coast line, and a first hand view of a sloth sleeping in the trees. Everyone on the trip was able to conquer their fears and anxieties and took part in this amazing experience.

After lunch we went for a hike in Mystico at the hanging bridges. This trail is a two hour walk through part of the jungle and rainforest over a series of six suspension bridges. As we walked through the forest canopy we saw many awesome sights... beautiful flowers, humming birds, lizards, a monkey, and what many think was a sloth.

This day was a great break from the service work we have been working so hard on as well as a great way to build up our sense of community and see the beauty of the country.

Tomorrow we start our work at two other schools in Neuvo Arenal with a new set projects to complete and new students to impact. And our kids are definitely up for this!

Mr Gilpin