Costa Rica Blog: Day 1

Good Evening!

So we are wrapping up Day 1 of our trip and we had a great start! We got to the Santa Teresa community at about 2AM last night after we were up and out by 9am.

We spent the day at the Santa Teresa School where there are only 14 students. The school has only one teacher and the kids are all in one classroom for grades 1-6, which is a normal school for this area. And after grade 6, the students either work at home, in the pineapple fields, or as an apprentice of a trade if they don’t have access to a high school (which these students don’t have).

There were many things going on at the school today! Our group was playing soccer with the kids, playing bingo, Pictionary, and reading books in the classroom. We also rotated doing two bigger projects at the school where we are painting a mural on their sidewalk and we are painting their cafeteria and kitchen.

We completed our volunteering at 1 because the whole community was attending a funeral this afternoon so they closed the school.

When we got back the students had the chance to go on a hike around the Dole Pineapple property, swam in the lake, and enjoy the company and scenery of Costa Rica.

So despite 5 hours of sleep we had a great first day! Your sons and daughters are doing amazing work! Not only in the projects but interacting with the kids with playing soccer, piggyback rides, chase and everything else that goes along with relating to younger kids. The smiles, laughing, and genuine fun is so great to see.

Below are a few pictures, hopefully they go through to you

Mr. Gilpin