If you are lucky enough to be a student in Mr. Robert Brearley’s theology class, you know that you will spend the year, in his class, examining your soul and recognizing the souls of others. When Mr. Brearley looks at the students that fill the seats in 103, he see’s limitless potential and goodness. And in making that assessment this theology teacher has created a class tradition in his sophomore classes. Each week, Mr. Brearley presents his Student of the Week award. This award recognizes a student who has had a “good week”. It is that simple … but is it really? For any AWHS student, a good week is filled with lots of challenges: academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

So, it’s no little achievement to have a “good week”. The tradition unfolds as Mr Brearley hands the student his or her award and explains why the student is being recognized. As Bob explains, “The award highlights any accomplishment toward improvement in personal milestones. The milestones could be academic or personal.” To further the special moment for the chosen student, each member of the class signs the award. Students then gather together in the front of the classroom for a group picture to preserve this moment for all of them.


A recent recognition was given to sophomore Kobi George. How did Kobi stand out in the week? A class assignment directed students to build Solomon’s Temple and Kobi found the app that would facilitate the work of building the Temple using student IPads. A small gesture that helped the class community did not miss the attention of Mr. Brearley.

Mr. Brearley’s aspires to “foster unity” through the Student of the Week Award and is determined that every student in his sophomore class will have his or her 5 important minutes of fame.