Carry on and Read!

Carry on and Read!
By: Kathy Habel

As the new school year begins, and all students will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights to the school wide read of Carry On, it reminds us: Administration, faculty and parents, of the challenge of making our students readers. Here is the dilemma. None of us can make a girl or boy fall in love with reading. Scientific and educational research reveals that what we can do are influence students to become readers. How? You probably can guess the strategy. Be a reader yourself and let your kids see you reading. Like the little girl that kicks around a soccer ball in her backyard with her enthusiastic coach of a dad and then signs onto the town soccer league at the tender age of five, the influence begins for what may just become a passion. Do a little research now and then; find out what are popular reads for YA readers and instead of buying another Vineyard Vines T-shirt for a Christmas gift, buy a few books. If your son or daughter shows a bit of interest in reading and you spot a book in their hands, have a conversation about the book. Show them that a five minute conversation on a wild and crazy character may just be better, now and then, than watching a five minute video on You Tube.

Are you ready to help your student be an independent reader? Need some suggestions for a book that will entertain you or educate you, while getting some attention from your son or daughter on their way out the door. Here are some suggestions from our faculty and staff:

Ms. Adams (Language): Julian / Gore Vidal

Ms. Consilvio (Counselor): At the Water’s Edge / Sara Gruen

Mrs. Folan (Director Middle School): Preaching to the Choir / Camryn Royce

Ms. Habel (Communications): A Gentleman in Moscow / Amor Towles

Mr. Homer (Guidance): Sarah’s Key / Tatiana de Rosnay

Ms. Kennedy (Science): Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers / Mary Roach

Mr. Leonard (Theology): A Father Who Keeps His Promises / Dr. Scott Hahn

Mr. Martin (Fine Arts): Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies / Jared Diamond

Dr. Mathews (Asst. Principal): Snow Flower and the Secret Fan / Lisa See

Mr. McKerr (Social Studies): Boys in the Boat / Daniel James Brown

Mrs. Nichol (Mathematics): Mathematical Mindsets / Jo Boaler

Ms. O’Connell (English): The Goldfinch / Donna Tart

Ms. Picardi (Mathematics): Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close / J Safer Foer

Ms. Roach (Social Studies): Small Great Things / Jodi Pocoult

Mrs. Sands (Librarian): News of the World / Paulette Jiles