It’s that time of year when the holidays loom and the thoughts of how each of us is blessed is recognized in so many ways. Perhaps the one blessing we take for granted is the gift of food. We wake up each day and decide if our bagel will have cream cheese or butter; will lunch be salad and yogurt and dinner pasta or fish? Rarely do we wonder if there will be food on our tables. The AWHS community recognizes that many young people and their families experience a different reality. Food is not a given. A Thanksgiving meal might just be a “maybe”. So, for decades, Williams has made sure that the blessing of food arrives for families in Quincy neighborhoods. For more than 30 years, the Campus Ministry program has sponsored our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Each year, the Germantown Neighborhood Center is the recipient of a food bounty, with contributions from students, teachers and staff. Class levels are assigned particular food items and boxes are distributed to each homeroom for collection. “Turkey Wars” are generated with class jars, placed in the cafeteria that will spill over with coins and dollar bills to be used to buy turkeys. Classes receive spirit points for their donations, so it’s a competitive idea that is steeped in the graces of generosity. The Food Drive is certainly one of Archie’s most tangible service experiences and a tradition that never wanes in its importance. And each year, the Neighborhood Center sends their thanks for giving their families that special meal that we all savor each November.