Junior Olivia Raneri learned something new in her Choir class. She learned that a cappella singing is harder than it looks. “It’s really challenging”, Olivia shared. “I really liked it! But it’s a kind of singing where you absolutely have to pay attention. It’s difficult, it’s different, but I think it can be a lot of fun.”

Olivia and her classmates were treated to a Master class in singing when Mixed Company, a Yale a cappella group came to AWHS and demonstrated to students how one sings a cappella. What engaged Olivia were the warm up exercises, the harmonization techniques and the final product – songs of blended voices. Then the Bishops choir shared their voices with the visiting singers and the class truly became a mixed company! A chorus of thank yous’ to the Fine Arts teachers, Mrs. De Rosa Coakley and Mr. Rick Martin for giving their students this wonderful music opportunity.