It’s been a busy season for retreats at AWHS. That’s the way it should be, too. Students from the middle school to high school know that part of their Williams’ education is to spend time developing their faith life. Retreats provide the time.

The 8th grade retreat was lively! With the theme of “Journey”, how could it not be! First steps on their journey were to navigate through activities named the “Amazing Race Out of Egypt” that represented the 10 plaques found in their Bible stories. Once students escaped Egypt, they worked in small groups to create a shelter out of only paper and tape. This is community at its finest, where creativity and teamwork come together for a common good. To complement the work of the journey activities, Senior Peer Ministers shared witness talks. Theology teacher Mrs. Kelly Donnelly shared the value of these talk “that spoke to these middle schoolers on seeking and using their God-given talents and gifts, finding God in all things and appreciating the experiences along their journeys.”

The day ended with tired but happy 8th graders. After all, they traveled through plaques, across lands and centuries to be a little closer to each other and God.