It’s all new for our 7th graders. New friends, teachers and experiences. And an important new ingredient for our middle-schoolers is to recognize that at Williams “all things begin with prayer”. A wonderful introduction to that component of their school life is the retreat experiences they will have as Bishops.

Campus Ministers, Peer Ministers and teachers, Ms Picardi, Donnelly and O’Connell facilitated the day’s retreat. The theme was set: “Connect”. The goal: through small group activities and discussions to connect with their classmates, friends and God. Trained Peer Ministers gave their Witness talks and shared with the 7th graders the importance of “trust, forgiveness and friendship”. For William Cunniff, his very first retreat was a success! He enjoyed the “witness talks and the time for prayer.”His classmate, Chloe McCauley shared that the day was “fun and (I) enjoyed the quiet of the Mass after a lot of games and activities”. For Campus Ministry Director, Mr. David Gilpin, his smile at the end of the busy day was one of satisfaction. Another day of prayer and reflection for our students where connections were made.