Fall. Think orange and red leaves. Think yellow gold sunrises and pink purple sunsets. Think God and His creation. Now see 14 AWHS students hiking to Inspiration Point, in Bristol, NH. This was the Inspire Retreat where students, from freshmen to seniors, took advantage of an opportunity to “be in nature to reflect on their relationship with God, on what God was calling for them to do this year, and to remember to always have faith and courage to follow their path.” Led by the Campus Ministry team of Mr. Gilpin and Mr. Leonard, bible readings suited to the theme of the day’s hike were shared with students. The Bishops were then given time to share their reflections on the readings and pray. What impressed  CM Gilpin was “ the continuous encouragement the kids gave to one another as they hiked the trail to Inspiration Point while students experienced with each step the Joshua 1.9 reading: “Be Strong, be courageous, do not be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Senior Eoin Varden found the Retreat to be not only inspiring but “empowering …the view, the people – feeling that anything is possible.” Falls became not only a canvas of colors but a time for students to stop, listen and enjoy the beauty of prayer and community.