New Country New School New Bishop


Meet Yuez Li. Meet Melody, aka, Yuez Li. As most international students do, Yuez has come to Archbishop Williams with a new name to begin this American chapter in her life. She has left family and home in Beijing, China to receive what she believes is “the best education in the world.” And although she “misses her mom in this new environment”, she is excited and happy to be a Bishop!

Why AWHS? Melody wanted to be near some of the “great universities and colleges” where one day she may find herself as a college student. Perhaps what’s even more impressive is that Melody became interested in Williams because of its Mission Statement. She was drawn to the tenets that combine developing a student intellectually, ethically and spiritually. Theology classes are new to Melody but she shares she is already interested in the concept “of God and his power”. Her Theology teacher, Mrs. McMullen, is “very kind and makes this class my favorite.” Yet, Melody is quick to add that all of her teachers have made her feel very welcomed and are “happy to help me after school or when they have free time” in answering her questions or guiding her through her study work. Her biggest challenge is improving her English skills. Happily, Melody feels confident she will be supported by just about everyone in the Williams community in improving. Like any freshman, Melody is enjoying her new Archie’s friends and classmates. She is especially comfortable with her host family. They have made her feel like family already and most importantly, a family where she can “share any problem I have.”

Melody’s smile says it all. She is feeling at home at 80 Independence Avenue. She is grateful for all the opportunities that an AWHS education will give her. She and anyone who hears of her story of leaving home, finding a new home and new school thousands of miles away, also know that she is brave. Welcome, Melody – you are a Bishop!