Dan Huy Tran was excited. Carry On author Lisa Fenn was coming to AW to talk about her memoir that was the school-wide summer read. For Dan, it was “so good to hear directly from the author. It gives the book a whole new experience.” Carry On tells the story of Leroy Sutton, Dartanyon Crockett and Lisa Fenn, an ESPN reporter who covered the story of the two disabled high school wrestlers, who were brothers in spirit as well as members of their high school wrestling team. Once her reporting was done, Lisa found it hard to leave these boys and their struggles behind. She never did. Her memoir shares how Sutton and Crockett became family.

Fenn was here to share more of their story and to take questions from the AW audience. Ms Fenn was introduced by librarian Joanna Sands. She happily shared Lisa’s professional accomplishments and also introduced sportscaster and Olympian Alice Cook, the moderator of the Q and A conversation. Principal Volonnino welcomed all gathered to the event and spoke to the relevancy of the book’s message to our school motto and the work of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, the founders of Archbishop Williams. Author Fenn’s conversation celebrated Sutton’s and Crockett’s greatest accomplishment. For Fenn, once the young men “realized that their struggles did not have to define their identities; their strengths defined them, not their disabilities”, their lives changed. Part of the epiphany came when “God was let into their lives and the God of Redemption” was present. As photos of Leroy and Daratanyo and Fenn’s family were projected on a screen, the story of Carry On was illuminated. The question and answer session engaged students and faculty and guests. Senior Sebastian Joseph loved the book and felt “new inspiration” after listening to the eloquent words of the author that encouraged all gathered to find ways “to do God’s work.”