Spanish Club celebrates “Dia de los Muertos” with food and fun!

The “Club Español Olé” was started up this year by a faculty member of the foreign language department, Mrs. Quilda Macedo. Mrs. Macedo is a teacher dedicated to showing students the way of life and culture in Spain. When joining the club, students were told that they would be able to celebrate Spanish holidays, taste delicious Spanish foods, and listen to exhilarating Spanish music, and the first meeting fell nothing short of that.

On Thursday, November 2, the club celebrated a holiday that, although Mexican, is widely celebrated in Spain - the “Day of the Dead,” or Dia de los Muertos.” Five students, out of the more than 20 in the club, brought in their homemade “Bread of the Dead,” which was entered into a competition. The competition was judged by Principal Dr. Volonnino, Coach K - Assistant Principal Kinsherf, Dr. Ekstrom, and the faculty of the language department including Dr. Congdon, Mrs. Ekstrom,  and Ms. Kelly. One of the students, sophomore Jess Knight, particularly impressed the judges with her bread. Her tasty bread won her a $25 Starbucks gift card! “I have loved being in the club so far.  Making the bread was so much fun and winning the competition just added to the excitement! I am looking forward to a great year as a member of the club,” Jess said.

After the competition, club members enjoyed the breads and lemonade while socializing with each other with Spanish music in the background. Members are looking forward to the next meeting which involves making a Spanish classic, churros and chocolate. At the end of the year, on “Cinco de Mayo,” the club will go on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant to close out the year. It seems as if so far the club has been a major success and will continue on for many more years!

Abby DaCosta ‘19