Weekly Update from Dr. V: "Happy New Year & Welcome Back"

Weekly Update
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Weekly Update
January 6, 2017

Happy New Year

Ms. Quilda Macedo's Spanish 4 CP class delivered monologos today as part of their study of Argentina of the 1970s. 
Welcome Back
I hope everyone had a restful and joyous Christmas vacation. It was wonderful to welcome everyone back to campus this week. With the semester about to end and midterms around the corner, we went straight back to work.

11:30 Dismissal Next Friday
Next Friday (Jan. 13) is an 11:30 Dismissal in order to accommodate a faculty and staff meeting to work on our NEASC Re-Accreditation. During the school day, we will follow the 11:30 dismissal schedule in the handbook in which all classes meet for 26 minutes. It is our final exam review day.

Since our NEASC work involves everyone on staff, parents must make arrangements for the pickup of their child at 11:30. There will be no after school supervision. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this work is vital for the continued growth of our school. We appreciate your cooperation.

Exam Schedule
Mid-term exams begin on January 17. On each day, we will have two exams. The first exam runs from 7:50-9:20 and the second exam goes from 9:50-11:20. During the half hour break between exams, snacks will be available for purchase in the cafeteria.
Students take their exams in the period order of their schedule (based on a Day 1).
  • Tuesday: Periods 1 & 2
  • Wednesday: Periods 3 & 4
  • Thursday: Periods 5 & 6
  • Friday: Periods 7 & Exam Make-Ups
On Friday, students are dismissed at 9:20 if they are not making up an exam. If you know in advance that you will miss an exam, the student must speak to the teacher and make arrangements ahead of time.

Academic Integrity During Exams
In next week’s newsletter, we will reprint the section from the handbook, but please note that strict rules of academic integrity will be observed during exams.
Please see p. 10, in particular: “Any violation of the cheating guidelines…shall result in a grade of zero for the exam…Strict adherence especially applies to the possession of a cell phone….If a cell phone or other unauthorized electronic device is seen, goes off in an exam room, or is used by the student in any way—including receiving, reading, or sending of text messages—the student in question shall be presumed to be cheating, regardless of actual use of the device.”
Little Christmas: Mrs. Sadowski (L) leaves candy canes in the shoes of her 7th Grade Spanish students as part of a traditional Three Kings day celebration.
Three Kings Day
In many Catholic cultures today’s Feast of the Epiphany is a more significant gift-giving day than Christmas. Our foreign language department was active in showing the different traditions.

Mrs. Sadowski’s Spanish 7 students celebrated the January 6 Feast of the Epiphany, "La Fiesta de Los Tres Reyes Magos," or "The Festival of the Three Wise Men." As in Spain, students placed their shoes outside of the door, allowing the kings to place gifts in the shoes for them. In this case, students were given candy canes as their Christmas gift by Mrs. Sadowski.

The French Club celebrated L’Epiphanie after school with the traditional galette des rois. A baby Jesus is baked into the Kings Cake and the person who finds it receives good luck. We will have another opportunity to eat Kings Cake in a couple months as it is also a major Mardi Gras tradition in New Orleans Cajun culture (which is a descendant of French culture).

Winter Open House
On Wednesday, January 25, AWHS will have its Winter Open House from 6-7:30 PM. If you know any families that should be applying to Archies across all grades, including transfers that have not yet taken a tour of the school, please encourage them to attend. We have a rolling admissions process through the spring, so there is still time to apply!

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Juries
Mike Ryan, Communications Coordinator for the state Office of Jury Commissioner, spoke Friday to Ms. Grubb’s junior U.S. History class and senior Law and Economics classes about the importance of their future duty as jurors. "You make a difference," Ryan told the students. "With your participation, you guarantee the right to a fair trial and you have the extraordinary power to actually decide a case."

Ryan, who holds degrees in both history and journalism, presented a fast-paced and humorous slide show using current examples of jury service. Tracing the origins of jury duty to ancient Athens, he cited cases where celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Snoop Dogg, Mr. T, and others were either defendants or jurors. He also referred to Boston's recent well-known trials of Aaron Hernandez, Whitey Bulger and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the latter whose trial required an original juror pool of more than 1000 candidates. Recent cases involving texting while driving with one involving a charge of manslaughter, were also discussed.
The Jury is Out: Communications Coordinator for the state Office of Jury Commissioner Mike Ryan poses with Ms. Grubb's senior Economics class today.
Campus Ministry Round-Up
A reminder to senior parents: senior service hours (15) are expected to be completed before the end of the 3rd quarter (March 31).  Please encourage your son or daughter to complete the service as well hand in the appropriate paperwork on time.  Seniors that have completed 140+ hours of service receive the Five Talents Recognition at graduation. 
A reminder to all parents that students who have performed any type of community service (outreach or in house) during the first semester (September to January 13) are reminded to have their completed service forms/documentation passed in to Campus Ministry by next Friday, January 13th

The service guidelines are in the student handbook (pages 36-38). Guidelines include: 30 hours out of the 70 hours of service must be outreach hours, service must be completed at non-profit or not-for-profit agencies, service cannot be completed at home or for family members, and service does not include yard work, shoveling, or babysitting.
Upcoming service opportunities:

Independence Manor Bingo: Wednesday, January 11th after school from 230-4
Bishops Bread Project: Tuesday, January 10th  after school in the café at 2:30.  Donations of packs of cookies, bread, and cases of water are greatly appreciated!  Donations can be dropped off in Campus Ministry.  Thank you to everyone that has donated for this project; each month we have been making at least 120 lunches!  

And Lastly: Bad Weather Precautions
Today’s snowfall should remind us all of the precautions we need to take for inclement weather. Students need to allot more time for their morning commute to account for delays. They should make sure their cars have ice scrapers. If they are prone to getting cold during the school day, they should remember to bring their approved, AWHS-outerwear to school as they are not permitted to wear other outerwear.  
As always, if there is anything we can do to better serve you or your child, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for being part of our family at Archbishop Williams.


Dr. V
Michael R. Volonnino, Ph.D.
Puckheads: (Top to Bottom, L to R)) The girl's hockey team gets ready to start a recent game after the national anthem; Senior Ben Murphy looks to head up ice; Senior Liam McCarthy battles along the boards; Sophomore goalie Allison Delmonte holds on after a save
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