AWHS 7th and 8th Grade Program: Growing and on the Move!

Due to rapidly rising enrollment and a bedrock commitment to keeping class sizes small, Archbishop Williams High School is excited to announce the relocation of its thriving Grade 7 & 8 Program from the Main Academic Building to Nazareth Hall.  The Program’s new home underwent a million-dollar renovation in 2015, refurbishing all of the classroom and meeting spaces and creating a new Fine Arts center on the second floor. Every classroom is equipped with an AppleTV setup and most have new LCD touchscreen SMARTBoards. Lockers will be installed this Summer.

Since the Program’s inception only two years ago, enrollment has more than doubled to an anticipated total enrollment of 90-95 students for the 2016-2017 school year. The move to Nazareth Hall will allow for three homerooms in both seventh and eighth grade. Most classes should remain under 20 students, maintaining the personalized attention that has been the hallmark of the popular Program.

“We have simply outgrown our current space,” said Program Director Katie Frossard. “While it served us well, we are excited to make Nazareth Hall our new home!”

As part of the planned expansion, the Program will add a dedicated Theology teacher and an Instructional Technology Specialist and will offer French to seventh graders for the first time.

“The move to Nazareth Hall was part of our long-term plan for the 7th and 8th Grade Program but comes two to three years earlier than we anticipated because of the Program’s enormous popularity,” commented AWHS President and alumnus Dennis M. Duggan, Jr., Esq. ’70. “I could not be more pleased with our outstanding faculty, staff, administration and student ‘pioneers’. Their combined efforts and success virtually demanded this move and expansion.  I am also most grateful to our Program parents for entrusting their children to what was a new endeavor two short years ago.”

Duggan added that the School is also making landscaping changes to the campus which will create better pathways between the Main Academic Building, Nazareth Hall and the Administration Building, and will open up more outdoor learning and gathering spaces for students to utilize.

Program students will still use the Main Academic Building for lunch, physical education classes, assemblies, including Mass, and foreign language courses. Additionally, students will benefit from the new state-of-the-art Science Lab and the student-athlete workout facility which are being added this Summer. They, of course, will have the same access to all school extra-curricular offerings. With the increased enrollment, there will be additional grade-specific opportunities as well.

“AWHS remains committed to its vision of one school, Grade 7-12,” said Principal Dr. Michael R. Volonnino. “Students will have the same access and interaction with Grades 9-12, but will now have a dedicated space on campus to call their own.”