AWHS Celebrates "Spirit Week" through Activities of Faith, Athletics, Academics and Arts

Archbishop Williams celebrated a fantastic Spirit Week in which you could feel the spirits of our students and faculty uniting to rally around everything that makes our place so special.


The week began, as all things should, with Mass celebrated by our former chaplain, Fr. Wally. During Mass, Fr. Wally was overwhelmed by how reverent and engaged our students were (not to mention well-dressed as part of “dress up” day). Our choir never sounded better.



The after school Volleyball, 3-on-3 Basketball, and Dodgeball tournaments had extremely high participation rates across all grade levels—and the balcony of the gym was filled all three days with spectators. Perhaps the highlight of the preliminary competitions was a freshman Dodgeball team upsetting a Senior team in a best two-out-of-three semifinal.

In the finals on Thursday in front of the whole school, the Junior team won the Volleyball competition, but then were soundly trounced by the faculty powered by the serving prowess of Sr. Mary.

The week concluded with an amazing talent show. It’s unbelievable to see some of the talents our students on full display. Among the many performers, perhaps two eighth grade acts stole the show, Maisy McDermott belting out the Broadway standard, Don’t Rain on My Parade and Teddy Rossini closing the act on the drums to Spirit of the Radio by Rush. To be able to play anything on the drums by Neil Peart at any age is nothing short of remarkable. Both Teddy and Maisy simply owned the stage.


What makes the talent show so special—and really most emblematic of our school spirit—is the support the students gave to each other. Regardless of age or the relative quality of the act, our students cheered loudly and respected the courage it takes to stand before their peers.

Over the course of the week, we had almost 100% participation by students and faculty alike—and our penny wars jars were quite full. We had some particularly creative themed dress. Special credit goes to the members of the Student Council, our moderators, Mr. Paul Fuller '65, Mrs. Angela Lawlor, Mr. David Gilpin, and Ms. Stephanie Mariano ’08 as well as our Director of Student Activities, Mr. Bill Kinsherf ’89. 

In the end, the Senior class brought back home the Spirit Cup, narrowly edging out the defending champion Juniors. Congratulations to all who made this a wonderful week!