Our AWHS Spring Show is about to take the stage. As is tradition, this show provides the opportunity for our student actors, singers and dancers to perform and delight audiences for two evenings. This year, SHREK THE MUSICAL is being readied by a cast of 42 and a tech crew of 20, with Director Mrs.De Rosa-Coakley, Technical Director Mr. Rick Martin and Lead Choreographer Mr Jared Lyons.

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Dr.V returns to China! BLOG 1: March 11, 2019

After landing in Shanghai, I've gone to Chongqing an enormous city rich in Chinese history both ancient and recent -- it was the WWII capital of China because of its geography and ability to resist Japanese invasion. I've sent a blog post to recap that trip (and yes there were some interesting culinary items).

We are now in Chengdu and we spent today at the Panda Research Center. In honor of today's Talent Show for the conclusion of Spirit Week, I put together a compilation video of my visit with the pandas that I thought the community might enjoy. We have more interviews tonight and tomorrow night in Chengdu before going to Beijing and Shanghai where there will be considerably more students to meet.

Good luck to the Girls at the Garden -- and I'm wishing nothing but the best for everyone involved in Shrek.

Have a great week,




When they appear on the court, Bishop fans prepare to see basketball played at its best. The Lady Bishops have earned 7 State Division 3 banners, most recently in 2013,’ 15,’ 17 and ‘18 and are in pursuit of another one this year. With recent impressive wins over Dedham, 61 -31 and Rockland, 72 -48, the women are looking forward to the Semi- final competition against Apponequt. A victory there sends these talented athletes to a Garden Party!

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Costa Rica Blog: Wrap-up

This morning we packed our bags and bus after breakfast as we began our journey back to San Jose. Before we left the village of Nuevo Arenal we gathered at the Immaculate Conception Church of Nuevo Arenal. The pastor, Fr. Martin, celebrated a beautiful bilingual Mass for only our group and some of students assumed the role of the choir and lead us in song. During Mass he urged us to bring home and put into action everything we have learned about ourselves during the course of this week. At the conclusion he called all of us up to the altar and gave us a blessing of safe travels. It was a great way to end our week of service!

We were able to stop in the town of La Fortuna for lunch, some souvenir shopping, and to hang out in the town square park. We also had the opportunity to visit a local woodworking shop where the disabled owner creates beautiful pieces and sells them to support his family. He took us into his small shop and demonstrated how he carves some of his work. We saw firsthand how a jigsaw and chipper were able to turn a small tree stump into a beautiful bowl.

It has been a great week of service, of building and forming relationships, and a great experience of culture for everyone. Take a look at the attached pictures and you see many of the service projects we completed this week.... the painting of the kitchen, cafe, and mural at the Santa Teresa school as well as the painting of walls, benches, cafe, hopscotch, and mural at the Mata de Cana school. We accomplished all of these things plus working with so many children.

All of your sons and daughters will have many stories to share with you when they return to you about what they saw and what they did. So many have commented during our nightly reflections that “they didn’t know service could be this fun” and “how grateful they are for this opportunity. And last night that “going home is bittersweet they “cant believe it’s time to go already”.

Tomorrow the students will return with some more realization of the opportunities given to them, perhaps more inspired, maybe with a better understanding of what it means to serve and live out their faith, and hopefully with more wisdom about the world around them.

See you tomorrow

Mr Gilpin

Costa Rica Blog: Day 5

Costa Rica Blog: Day 5

While one group was reforesting and farming the other group was doing the projects that were started yesterday. Before the two groups joined together about 1:30 this group taught the local students how to play “red light, green light” game and completed many projects: cleaning out and painting a supply closet, cleaning out and painting the serving area of their cafeteria, painted some benches and desks, completed the hop scotch, and continued their work on the mural.

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Costa Rica Blog: Day 1

Costa Rica Blog: Day 1

We spent the day at the Santa Teresa School where there are only 14 students. The school has only one teacher and the kids are all in one classroom for grades 1-6, which is a normal school for this area. And after grade 6, the students either work at home, in the pineapple fields, or as an apprentice of a trade if they don’t have access to a high school (which these students don’t have).

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