Class Agent Challenge

Class Agent Challenge 2021

What is the Class Agent Challenge?

The “Class Agent Challenge” is a friendly alumni competition intended to engender support for the Williams Fund (our school’s annual fund). Classes vie in “total money raised” and “highest participation percentage” categories each year. The winning Class(es) have their Class year prominently displayed on street signs at the entrance and the exit of the main school parking lot. The signs remain in those places of honor until the next year’s Class Agent Challenge winners are announced. (And yes, we can have repeat winners!) We still have some classes with no Class Agent(s). If you would like to volunteer to represent your Class, please contact the Kathy Keefe in the Advancement Office at 781-535-6484 or

Thank you to our 2022-2023 Class Agents!

Mrs. Janet Crowley ’53
Mrs. Maureen Buckley ’56
Mrs. Mary Dorey ’58
Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald ’58
Mr. Francis V. Ialenti ’59
Mrs. Sandra Kunz ’59
Mr. John A. Donoghue, Jr. ’60
Mr. Frederick A. Flavin ’61
Mr. Dennis Hannon ’63
Mr. Anthony Ricci ’63
Dr. Carmen Mariano Ed.D. ’64
Mr. Lawrence J. Fitzgerald ’65
Mrs. Nancy Connelly ’66
Mrs. Susan M. Egan ’66
Ms. Helen Flanders ’67
Mr. Stephen P. Hassell ’67
Ms. Eileen C. Donoghue ’68
Mr. Paul F. Mollica ’69.
Mrs. Maryellen White '69
Dennis M. Duggan, Jr., Esq. ’70
Mrs. Mary E. Reidy Duggan ’70
Mr. Leonard G. Pepe ’71
Mrs. Joyce Marshall Cox ’73, P’01
Mr. Michael C. Donahue ’73, P’06, ’09
Mrs. Joanne Sandonato Adams ’74, P’02, ’06
Mr. James M. MacDonald ’74
Mrs. Paula J. Timmins ’76
Ms. Catherine R. Caloia ’78
Mr. Thomas J. Reid ’79
Mr. Anthony L. Agnitti ’80
Mr. Mark Kiley ’81, P’13
Pamela Meany Kiley ’81, P’13
Mr. Michael Prout ’83
Ms. Veronica M. Kane ’84
Mrs. Marie T. McCabe ’84
Mrs. Christine Mahoney Coffey ’85, P’24
Mr. John M. Falvey, Jr. ’87
Mr. William Kinsherf ’89
Mr. Brian Holden ’90
Ms. Bobbie-Jo White ’91
Mr. Derek Tardanico ’92, P’20
Mrs. Linda Tardanico ’92, P’20
Mrs. Jennifer A. Perry ’94
Mr. Jarat L. Ford ’95
Mrs. Lisa Maguire ’97
Mr. Jared R. Lewis ’98
Mr. Francis M. Sweeney ’99
Mrs. Lynne Francis Hammell ’00
Mrs. Kerri Cox Dalrymple ’01
Mr. Clinton Dean Lynch ’01
Mr. Hung Lam ’02
Ms. Lisa Marie DiGiusto ’03
Mr. Ryan Loiter ’04
Mrs. Michelle Arata Hoarty ’05
Mr. Stephen Walsh ’05
Mr. Phillip Baker ’06
Mr. Anthony M. Chighisola ’07
Mrs. Julie Davis Madden ’07
Ms. Laura Walsh ’07
Mr. Ryan Donahue ’09
Mr. Craig Olson ’09
Mr. Timothy Marshall ’10
Mr. Andrew M. Nazzaro ’11
Ms. Aidan Duquette ’12
Ms. Abigail A. O’Connell ’13
Mr. James Nazzaro ’14
Ms. Madison A. Brewster ’15
Ms. Jenna A. Mersereau ’15
Ms. Kailin Bell ’16
Ms. Carina Alessandro ’17
Mr. Karthikeyan Arumugam ’17
Ms. Olivia McDonnell ’18
Ms. Kate Murphy ’18
Mr. Brendan O’Brien ’18
Ms. Samantha Zanghi ’18
Mr. Colton Casper ’19
Ms. Olivia Notarangelo ’19
Ms. Bridgette O’Reilly ’19
Ms. Caroline Marcotte ’20
Mr. Myles McDermott ’20
Ms. Sallyrose Savage ’20