Prayer Request

You can have the AHWS community pray for a loved one by filling out the following form. Submissions are sent to Mr. Gilpin.


2018 - 2019 Worship Schedule

Fridays                                                Morning Mass                          (Chapel @ 7:05am)

Thursday, September 20th                Back to School Mass               (hosted by Class of 2019
Peer Ministers)          

Thursday, October 4th                        Feast of St. Francis                 (hosted by 7th grade)

Thursday, November 1st                     All Saints Day                        (hosted by 10th grade)

Wednesday, November 21st              Thanksgiving                           (hosted by 11th grade)

Friday, December 14th                        Advent Liturgy                        (hosted by 9th grade)

Wednesday, January 30th                  Catholic Schools Week          (hosted by 8th grade)

Wednesday, March 6th                       Ash Wednesday                     (hosted by the Faculty)

Thursday, May 30th                             Feast of the Ascension          (hosted by Class of 2020
Peer Ministers)

Wednesday, May 22nd                        Baccalaureate                        (hosted by 12th grade)

Prayer Services:

Friday, November 2nd                         All Souls Prayer Service                   

Wednesday, December 12th               Our Lady of Guadalupe            (hosted by Spanish classes)

Monday, February 18th                        Our Lady of Lourdes                 (hosted by French classes)

Lent                                                      Stations of the Cross                  (hosted by the 2019
Peer Ministers)