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Caritas Christi Urget Nos

Be hospitable to one another without complaining. As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s grace (1 Peter 4:9-10).

Mission & Purpose

Archbishop Williams students are “guided by the values of the Catholic Church” when they use their gifts and talents to serve those in need. The Christian Service Program exposes students to the joy that comes from helping others and puts their faith into action. “The differences among persons belong to God’s plan, who wills that we should need one another. These differences should encourage charity” (CCC 1946).  Keeping in mind our Missions to “graduate capable and confident young people who are responsible members of their communities”, students must first participate in their communities. The Christian Service Program through its outreach requirement assures that students will be exposed to different aspects of society.

Important Dates & Deadlines For Service Hours Date
Current students may begin service hours for the upcoming year At conclusion of Final Exams
Newly enrolled freshmen may begin to complete service hours July 1
Forms from summer service hours are due September 30
Forms from Semester 1 service hours are due  MLK holiday
Senior service requirement must be completed.  Seniors who fail to complete their service requirements jeopardize their participation in senior events including graduation. End of Quarter 3
Forms from Semester 2 service hours are due April 30

Service Requirements & Guidelines

Christian Service Grs. 9-12

All students are required to participate in the Christian Service Program.  

Freshman Minimum of 15 hours + Day of Service
Sophomore Minimum of 20 hours + Day of Service 
Junior Minimum of 20 hours + Day of Service
Senior Minimum of 15 hours
TOTAL At least 70 hours of helping others!

In order to complete the goal hours each year, students are able to volunteer both through in-house and outreach opportunities. 

In-House Service Activities take place at AWHS but outside of the regular school hours
Outreach Service  Service done outside of the AWHS community through direct interaction with others; minimum 30 hours of total service must be outreach in order to graduate 


Community Service Learning Grs. 7 & 8

Through the Community Service Learning Program, students in Grades 7 & 8 are exposed to the needs of a society through various types of service work. Students will learn about and prepare for the specific theme of their service day inside of their respective Theology class.

Each grade level will participate in a class day of service once a semester. Students who are absent or do not participate in their respective day of service must complete the missing hours on their own within the learning scope of the day while following the outreach service guidelines. These hours can be completed through the service offerings with Campus Ministry with prior approval.

In addition to the Days of Service, Grade 8 students will perform 5 hours of additional service on their own during the course of the second semester before May 1. Students will follow the outreach service guidelines in the student handbook and should have their service site pre-approved by Campus Ministry or their Theology teacher.

Grade 7:
Semester 1: Community (Day of Service; 5 hours)
Semester 2: Poverty (Day of Service; 5 hours)

Grade 8:
Semester 1: Community; (Day of Service; 5 hours)
Semester 2: Environment (Day of Service; 5 hours)
Semester 2: Each student will perform 5 hours of service on their own at service site of their choice. (before May 1)

After each day of service, every student will write a short reflection paper on their experience. The topic and key questions for the reflection paper will be based around the theme of the day of service.  At the end of the student’s CSL experience, students in Grade 8 will participate in the cumulative project, Eden. Using their CSL reflections and experience as a starting point, students will demonstrate their knowledge of the different aspects of social justice at work in society as well as show what they have learned through their service work. This project will focus on societal aspects such as: the care and protection of people, the environment, and social and lifestyle inequalities.  Students who do not complete the hour requirements or Eden Project, will not be promoted to the next grade level until the requirement is met. Students who transfer into the AWHS Middle School should see Campus Ministry for requirements.

Service Guidelines

If a student decides to complete service independent from the school, they must adhere to the following guidelines: 
•    Service work must be done at non-profit or not for profit agencies. 
•    Upperclassmen should focus on serving the poor and vulnerable. 
•    Service cannot be done at home (i.e. babysitting, snow shoveling, yard work.) 
•    Service cannot include filing, office work, babysitting, shoveling snow, or yard work for  others. 
•    Service cannot be done for family members. (i.e. parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings.) 
•    Students cannot receive any type of compensation for service. (i.e. money, free food, awards.) 
Students are reminded that they are looking for “service” hours where they are working or performing to help others less fortunate than themselves. Acts of charity and acts of kindness (i.e. raising money for worthy causes, donating to drives, filling out online surveys, giving money to charity, telethons, raffles, walking or marching in parades) are not considered to be outreach service. 
It is strongly recommended that students seek approval from Campus Ministry and clarify their outreach before committing to an independent community service project. 
When a student performs community service outside and independent of AWHS, he or she must submit a Service Form for each service site at which they work. The form must be signed, have contact information, and a reflection of service in order for service to be considered completed. This paperwork must be submitted to Campus Ministry before the relevant deadline. 
International Students 
All International Students must complete the service requirements while enrolled at AWHS. During their first two years enrolled at AWHS, International Students are required to complete their service hours in the local community around Archbishop Williams. International Students in their third and fourth year enrolled at AWHS will be allowed to complete service hours in their native country. 
However, any service work done outside of the US must have prior approval from Campus Ministry, which will consult with the International Student Coordinator. 
Service Trips 
If students elect to volunteer for service trips, mission trips, summer camps, or other similar opportunities that are more than a day commitment, the service hours counted are for actual work, participation, interacting with those in need, etc. Travel time and rest periods do not count. 
Service for Charity Races 
Students may choose to take part in various walks/runs in the surrounding communities. It is encouraged that the student take part in these worthy causes through volunteering at water stations, checkpoints, serving food etc. However, if a student chooses to participate by walking or running, the hours credited to the student will be by mileage and not by time (2 miles=1hour). 
Honor Society Service 
A student who is accepted into any school honor society may not use their AWHS required hours to complete their service work for their respective honor society. In addition, it is an expectation of every honor society member to perform various service and duties, for their respective society, during the course of the year. Since these are required, they may not be used to complete their AWHS yearly requirements. 
All service hours required as a prerequisite for acceptance to any honor society are separate and distinct from the student’s school service hours requirement. 

Service Forms

Goals of Service

The Christian Service Program through service to others:

•    seeks to instill a passion for
      justice and peace in every AWHS

•    unites and involves each student
      with their community

•    allows each student to “put their
      faith into action”

•    encourages students to live out
      Jesus’ message

•    promotes students to reflect on
      the impact their work has had on
      both themselves and the rest of
      the world

The Five Talents Recognition

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells the story of the man who, going on a journey, entrusts his possessions to his servants. On his return, he found that the servant who was given five talents (Roman money) worked diligently to double the amount. The master said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” With this in mind, students who complete 140 hours or more of community service will receive the “Five Talents Recognition” at graduation.

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