Athletics FAQ

What sports are offered?


Fall—Cross Country, Football, Golf & Soccer

Winter—Basketball, Hockey, Track & Swimming

Spring—Baseball, Lacrosse & Track


Fall—Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer & Volleyball

Winter—Basketball, Cheerleading, Hockey, Swimming, & Track

Spring—Lacrosse, Softball , Tennis & Track

Who is eligible to play for an Archbishop Williams team?

All students in Grades 7-12 who are in good academic and behavioral standing may try out and represent AWHS.

What are levels of teams at AWHS?

Most AWHS teams have multiple levels of play (Varsity, JV, & Freshman) allowing for many students in Grades 7-12 to participate.  All teams, with the exception of Cross Country, Winter Track, Swimming, and Spring Track & Field, hold tryouts for team placement. 

Can a 7th or 8th Grader tryout?

Yes!!!  Students in Grades 7 & 8 are allowed and encouraged to participate in the AWHS Athletics program.  They follow the same schedule and are held to the same requirements as students in Grades 9-12. 

Is there an additional athletics fee?

There is no additional charge to participate in any sport at any level.  Team uniforms are provided.  Families may choose to purchase additional warm-up clothing at their discretion.  AWHS will provide transportation to scheduled away games.

How many sports can a student participate in?

Each student-athlete may participate in one sport per season.

What league does Archbishop Williams play in?

The “Bishops” follow the rules and guidelines of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA).  AWHS plays in the Catholic Central League. 

How does a student register for tryouts?

Each student who wishes to participate in athletics must register using FamilyId at the beginning of each and every season.  Once registered, students and parents should refer to our Athletics website,, to see specific tryout and practice information relating to each sport. 

What is FamilyId?

FamilyId is an online portal where parents can create a family account and add all family members to the family account.  AWHS uses FamilyId for registering for athletics, making the Dean’s Office aware of a student’s absence, tardy, or dismissal, and signing permissions slips for school activities. 

What paperwork is required to participate on an athletic team?

All students must be cleared by the School Nurse prior to trying out for any sports.  Students are considered “cleared” when all of the following have been submitted and certified:

1.  Completed FamilyId registration for the particular team with parent permission (must be completed EACH season for each sport)

2.  Current physical examination completed by a physician within the last 13 months* citing “student is cleared for sports participation”

*If a student’s physical examination expires during a sport’s season, it is the sole responsibility of the family to ensure that an updated copy is given to the Nurse.  Student-Athletes will not be allowed to tryout or play with an expired physical.  

3.  Completion of an IMPACT testing for baseline concussion status    

4.  All students must meet Athletics eligibility as determined by the Student-Parent Handbook and the Principal

What does the athletic calendar year look like?  When do I register for an upcoming season? 



Registration Open

Registration Closes

Tryouts/Season Begins

Season Ends*


May 1st

August 1st

Third Thursday of August  

October; depending on tournament participation


October 1st

October 31st

Monday after Thanksgiving

March; depending on tournament participation


February 1st

February 28th

Third Monday of March 

June; depending on tournament participation

How will my child get to a practice facility off campus?

AWHS does not provide transportation to any off-site practice facilities.  Students are required to secure their own transportation through carpools, older students, or his/her family. 

What role does AWHS play in promoting a safe athletic program for the students?

All student-athletes are required to be cleared by their physician to participate in any athletic events.  AWHS has a full-time Athletic Trainer who can assist students with injury prevention and care.  Any athlete who is injured must see the Trainer immediately following the injury.  If a doctor or Emergency Room visit is involved, the School Nurse must be provided with documentation of treatment, exemptions, and ability to begin participation.  All student-athletes must participate in Impact testing every two years following our Concussion Protocol.  In the event that the student does suffer from a concussion, the School Nurse must be notified immediately. 

What is the process for a transfer student (entering Grades 10 or 11) to be an athlete?

A student-athlete exploring a transfer into Grades 10 or 11 at AWHS should speak to their current Athletic Director about the Form 200 through the MIAA.

Is there a conditioning program available?

The Dignan Training Facility is open to all students in Grades 7-12 after school from 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Students do not have to be on an athletic team to make use of the facility.  Students must be registered to use the Dignan Center through FamilyId and must be certified by a member of the Athletic Staff to use the equipment.  There is no charge to use the Dignan Training Facility.

What is the Summer Conditioning Program?

The Athletic Department welcomes all registered students (new and returning) to participate in a Summer Conditioning Program.  The program runs Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. beginning in June and runs through mid August.  There is no fee to participate in Summer Conditioning, and it is a drop-in program as long as the student is registered in FamilyId 

Cross Country
Working out in the Dig
Girls Basketball