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Filled With Cheer

I am still filled with cheer after watching Mary Poppins last night. The cast, singing, choreography, and sets were all wonderful. It's a pure joy to watch and you can't help but be proud of our students.

-Principal Dr. Volonnino 

Pure Delight!

Pure delight. Congrats to all those teachers that enabled kids to SHINE on stage, behind the curtain, and (lights) in the balcony.

-Kathy Habel


I Was Completely Drawn In

The settings and technology were perfect.  I was completely drawn in by the home, the street and the park.

-President Dennis M. Duggan, Jr. Esq.


From Idea to Reality

It is satisfying to look back at the original drawings and models of the set and see how how close we came to making these sketches come to life.

-Tech Director Rick Martin