Transfer Students

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It's a Great Time to be at AWHS!

At Archbishop Williams High School, we take pride in knowing our students and introducing them to our family. As a transfer student, you will be welcomed into our community with open arms. We will get to know you right from the beginning and prepare you for your high school education and beyond. 

In order to apply as a transfer student, please submit the following:
•  Online Application
•  High School Transcript
•  Attendance/Discipline Record

Once we receive these materials, we will review your application and schedule an interview. 

"Transferring from one school to another can be very scary, as it is a very big life change"

My name is Jesse. I transferred here halfway through my junior year from Braintree High and it’s definitely been a great and rewarding decision. I’ve not only exceeded my capabilities in my academics but I’ve also met other students who I will be friends with for my lifetime. I was voted by my peers to become a captain for the basketball team, and I will have some of my most favorite memories from this season. Transferring from one school to another can be very scary, as it is a very big life change, but the people here made it much less nerve-racking than it could’ve been. The Archbishop Williams community has been extremely welcoming to me and my family, and deciding to transfer here was the best choice I have ever made. 

Jesse DeAngelis '20