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It's a Great Time to be at AWHS!

Program Overview

Archbishop Williams has the privilege of welcoming students from around the globe.  The International Students bring with them a wealth of culture experience and knowledge and add a new dimension to life at AWHS.  

Currently we have students in our school community whose home countries are:   China, Vietnam, and Italy.  We have welcomed students from Korea, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Archbishop Williams will provide a first-rate college preparatory academic program coupled with the services of a full-time English As A Second Language (ESL) teacher.  A wealth of clubs, activities, service, and athletic opportunities will ensure that the International Student is well-rounded and prepared for life after graduation.

Why I Love My Job...

It has been my pleasure to work closely with our international students alongside their subject teachers, the admissions and guidance teams. Our ESL program provides international students with the best in academic support, English language strengthening, and cultural accumulation. Our entire school community is here to support them and celebrate their hard work every step of the way. We are always proud to celebrate their achievements each year.

I am always amazed to hear the stories of each of these students and the diverse cultural perspectives they bring to our campus. We also look forward to celebrating holidays such as Mid-Autumn Day and the Spring Festival together with teachers and students of all backgrounds. Our school becomes almost like a second home to them, so we are often visited by the international alumni after graduation. It is these cross-cultural connections that allow our community at AWHS to thrive!

Ms. Erin Wang
International Student Coordinator
Originally from China (current home AWHS!)


College Acceptances

Application Requirements

The following materials are required for an International Student to be considered for admission to AWHS:

  • Application & Essay
  • Translated copies of the previous 2 academic years report cards/transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Copy of Passport
  • Online or in-person interview (after all other paperwork has been completed)

Agency Affiliations

If an International Student needs a Host Family, Archbishop Williams works with the following agencies to provide housing, supervision, and support:

AIEP Host Families
Melody Testimonial

I love AWHS, I feel at home....

I had a really good experience at Archbishop Williams High School my first year.   My teachers and my classmates were so kind.  If I had a problem, all my teachers were happy to help me after school or when they had free time.  All my friends are really nice. We study together.  They are enthusiastic. I always go to gym after school.  Boston is a beautiful city.  There is a great Chinatown.  I felt very at home at Archbishop Williams High School.  I love AWHS!
--Yuezi (Melody) Li
Class of 2022

Group of International Students