International Program

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It's a Great Time to be at AWHS!

Program Overview

Archbishop Williams has the privilege of welcoming students from around the globe.  The International Students bring with them a wealth of culture experience and knowledge and add a new dimension to life at AWHS.  

Currently we have students in our school community whose home countries are:   China, Vietnam, Korea, Brazil, and Ethiopia.

Archbishop Williams will provide a first-rate college preparatory academic program coupled with the services of a full-time English As A Second Language (ESL) teacher.  A wealth of clubs, activities, service, and athletic opportunities will ensure that the International Student is well-rounded and prepared for life after graduation.

Agency Affiliations

If an International Student needs a Host Family, Archbishop Williams works with the following agencies to provide housing, supervision, and support:

AIEP Host Families

Application Requirements

The following materials are required for an International Student to be considered for admission to AWHS:

  • Application & Essay
  • Translated copies of the previous 2 academic years report cards/transcripts
  • Standardized test scores
  • Copy of Passport
  • Online or in-person interview (after all other paperwork has been completed)
Melody Testimonial

I love AWHS, I feel at home....

I had a really good experience at Archbishop Williams High School my first year.   My teachers and my classmates were so kind.  If I have a problem, all my teachers are happy to help me after school or when they have free time.  All my friends are really nice. We study together.  They are enthusiastic. I always go to gym after school.  Boston is a beautiful city.  There is a great Chinatown.  I feel very at home at Archbishop Williams High School.  I love AWHS!
--Yuezi (Melody) Li
Class of 2022

Group of International Students