Theology Department


The main goal of the Theology Department is to help students understand the faith and life of the Christian and their role in the community. In cooperation with the Campus Ministry Team, the Theology Department seeks to guide young people toward a more mature faith, and to nurture the Christian community that is Archbishop Williams High School.


  • to present a curriculum of Catholic Doctrine based on the U. S. Conference of Bishops’ document, “To Teach as Jesus Did,” and on the Archdiocesan Guidelines for Catholic Schools and the Catechism of the Catholic Church;
  • to bear witness to the Gospel message through a presence that strives to be caring, available, responsive, supportive and reconciling;
  • to develop awareness among students of their own role in the Church as disciples of Christ;
  • to encourage students to always seek the truth with courage; to enable students to form their consciences in order to make responsible, moral decisions in light of the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church;
  • to incorporate a developmental approach to human sexuality that is consistent with Catholic moral teaching;
  • to help students develop the ability to read Scripture with understanding;
  • to provide students with different experiences of prayer;
  • to empower students to live the message of Jesus.

REQUIREMENTS: Students are required to successfully complete a Theology course each year in which they are enrolled at Archbishop Williams High School.

Courses offered follow the Archdiocesan Guidelines for Catechesis.

All courses are leveled as Accelerated toward the student’s GPA.