Science Department


At Archbishop Williams High School, the Science Department is divided into three major disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The purpose is to provide each student with quality inquiry based courses in science. Each course will introduce the student to a wide selection of topics that will help the student understand the world of science. This will be accomplished by laboratory activities, student-oriented labs and by independent research.


  • to provide all students with an understanding of the basic concepts of the natural and physical sciences;
  • to enable the student to comprehend and apply inquiry methods and technology to solve problems;
  • to allow the student to apply theoretical concepts in a practical situation through hands-on laboratory experience;
  • to prepare the student for college-level science courses;
  • to develop the critical thinking skills involved in scientific concepts and problem solving.

REQUIREMENTS: Successful completion of Biology I and Chemistry is required for graduation. Also, students are expected to complete a three-year science sequence unless they are completing a three-year Art sequence.